Hayward & Stott is a family business situated in the Pentland Hills just outside of Edinburgh. We are specialists in the manufacture of metal-ware, primarily in silver. Our products are designed and made in Scotland, India and Zimbabwe. Our skilled metalworkers, polishers, stone-setters and engravers use traditional and modern techniques and always work with the best available raw materials.

Quality of manufacture is prevalent in all of our products and unlike many other Scottish brands our designs are intentionally simple.

Hayward & Stott began in 1999 as a joint venture between close friends Charlie Stott and Jeremy Hayward. Jeremy was a member of the Incorporation of UK Goldsmiths and enjoyed an encyclopedic knowledge of Scottish Provincial silver makers. Both were avid collectors of silver with a keen focus on antique Victorian and Georgian tableware. Jeremy sadly passed away in 2002 and Charlie continued to grow the business steering it more towards the design and manufacture of our own bespoke products.


Sterling Silver Collection

All our collections reflect the journey that Hayward & Stott has been on. From our beginnings in antiques we expanded to include a range of our own sterling silver products. The collection features our unique Thistle inspired tableware and goblets, sporting accessories and our range of beautiful traditional Scottish Quaichs.

Sterling silver is a favourite medium for today’s most creative and innovative designers. Silver can be shaped into almost any form imaginable to create a unique gift. A touching and lasting expression of friendship, celebration or congratulation.

We offer an in-house engraving and gold-plating service so customers can personalise their piece. We also welcome requests for special commissions and corporate projects.

Every item of Sterling Silver that we sell has been tested and hallmarked by the Edinburgh Assay Office and we also carry the Assay Assured trust-mark on our website.


Highland Safari Collection

In 2016 we launched the Highland Safari Collection, a range of wooden home-ware and gifts guaranteed to spark conversation. These products celebrate iconic African and Scottish birds and animals.

Expert craftsmen in our partner factory in Harare use only the best local materials including copper, brass, silver and teak, to create each piece. The Rhodesian teak that we use with its signature reddish brown hues, caused from exposure to the hot sun, is from sustainable forests and is extremely durable and practical.

The animal figurines which adorn every piece are made from silver plated brass. The range includes serving boards, wine coasters, bottle stoppers, bowls, photo frames and freestanding animals available in a variety of sizes.


Sterling Silver Jewellery

Our contemporary sterling silver jewellery collection combines classic elegance with modern charm. The collection includes instantly wearable pieces, some of which can be personalised. Each piece is designed in-house by our creative team, taking inspiration from the beautiful Scottish landscape.

The different ranges within the collection have been aptly named after the places or things they were inspired by, Isla, Cairnie, Beauly and Pentland. We use touches of 24ct yellow and rose gold plating throughout. Some items can be personalised and we are confident there is something here to suit everyone’s taste.


Antiques & Clan Badges

From our beginnings in Scottish Provincial Antiques, we still stock a small selection of antique silver gifts and collectibles. We have several clan badges and a good selection of silver spoons.


Create a Personal Gift…

Check out some of our gifts ideal for engraving: