Top 10 Quotes by Robert Burns

                                                     Burns Night provides occasion to remember the life of the 18th Century bard and enjoy his poetry. Not to mention drink whisky and eat haggis (Great chieftain o the puddin’-race!). Burns Supper was first held in July 1801 when […]

10 Facts about Pheasants in the British Countryside

10 Facts about Pheasants

Pheasants are a popular game bird in Britain, serving sporting seasons year after year. In the last few centuries they have been shaping the British landscape with woodland habitat. Featuring significantly in our Highland Safari Collection, our Pheasant products are beautifully crafted from hand moulded cast brass finished in sterling silver plate.  Produced in our partner […]

Dinner Party Essentials: Top Tips

Organising a dinner party should be fun but is often overwhelming, aside from food you must consider a theme, which dinner service you’ll use, seating arrangements… To make your dinner party truly memorable, you need the secret ingredients for hosting an unforgettable bash. Put your vision into action and forget the stress. Dinner parties just […]

The Hayward & Stott Polo Cup

Charity Polo Tournament – Hayward & Stott Polo Cup University of St Andrews Charity Polo Tournament 2016  Held at Errol Park Estate – Saturday 23rd April   Polo Club President Hannah Middleton Cope and Tournament Director Jonathan Gregory re-launched the University of St Andrews Charity Polo Tournament in 2015. It’s purpose is to raise awareness […]