10 Facts about Pheasants in the British Countryside

10 Facts about Pheasants

Pheasants are a popular game bird in Britain, serving sporting seasons year after year. In the last few centuries they have been shaping the British landscape with woodland habitat.

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In celebration of this beautiful bird, we thought we’d share 10 interesting facts:


  1. It is generally agreed that pheasants became common in Britain in the 15th Century having been introduced from Central Asia. However, some speculate it was earlier, in Roman times.
  2. The closest place to Britain that truly wild and indigenous pheasants can be found is in Romania, in the Danube Delta.
  3. The Latin name for pheasants is Phasianus Colchicus.
  4. Pheasants belong to the Pheasiandae family in the order Galliformes.
  5. Characterised by their strong sexual dimorphism Cocks are long tailed and colourful whereas Hens are dowdy in comparison with paler brown feathering.
  6. More than 30 different breeds of pheasant exist. In some breeds the Cocks have black necks, others have ring necks, and some are pure white.
  7. An old English Pheasant refers to a bird without the distinctive white neck ring.
  8. In Britain, Pheasants are released in huge numbers for shooting. The annual release is in excess of 20 million birds.
  9. Many other countries, including North America, also release them for sport. In the USA, domesticated so-called jumbo pheasants are produced as table birds.
  10. Prompted to crow by distant rumbles of thunder or gunfire. During WW1, pheasants in Kent crowed in response to the sound of guns on the Somme.



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