New, Scottish hardwood Quaichs


Introducing our new Scottish Wooden Quaichs made from locally sourced and crafted Beech. These Scottish wooden quaichs come in our most popular design with sterling silver lugs, rim and disc which is ideal for engraving.

Buy our new Quaich by following this link >, Or, for more information about our locally sourced wood, please keep reading:

Scottish Hardwoods have enormous character with numerous different species of timber. All naturally durable with prominent grain, they are available in a variety of rich and complex colours. This provides a wealth of opportunity for many different creative uses.

We use only the finest Scottish Hardwoods that are sourced and crafted locally. Each piece of hardwood is unique; no two pieces will ever look the same even if they are cut from the same tree. So each of our pieces are treated individually and made by hand.

Our current quaichs are made from beech, if you are interested in having another Scottish wood used please get in touch and we will see what is available. Below is a list of some varieties that we can source:

Beech: Especially heavy and strong with a light, fine texture. It has a pale rosy colour with numerous small radial flecks of warm brown. Beech will take on extra character when it becomes spalted (discolouration once the tree dies]. This process transforms the wood creating a spectacular pattern of black lines.

Oak: This strong and durable wood has a traditional appearance. It is popularly used for furniture and flooring.

Yew: A spectacular chestnut brown timber with streaks of orange and even purple. Over time the colour develops becoming a richer chocolaty brown. Clusters of tiny pin knots, which make Yew especially decorative, further enhance the fine texture of this wood.

Our wood is sealed with shellac. Although this does not make them totally waterproof, they are fit for use.

Wooden products will benefit from the regular application of oil; Beeswax, Linseed even mineral oil works well.


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