The Finest Silver Antiques

Silver antiques are those pieces made before the 1930’s – generally speaking.
Such silver is now largely a Collectors market but we endeavour to
supply a wide and varied range of items from the 17th to 20th
centuries made in the UK but we also stock a small
selection of European and American silver. We
specialise in Scottish Provincial silver –
traditionally this silver, largely made in
Scotland’s North Eastern towns, was not sent
for hallmarking to the Edinburgh or
Glasgow Assay Offices; the silver was
marked only with the maker’s initials and
a punch usually inspired by the town
symbol. In this way the customer
avoided paying the Duty reimposed in
1784. There is much more Town marked
plate than that Duty marked by
Provincial silversmiths for the period up
to 1860 when it became obligatory for all
silver to be sent to the Assay offices in
Edinburgh and Glasgow – the latter closed
in 1964.

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