Custom Silver Engravings

What can be engraved?

Virtually any material that is hard enough to withstand the pressure. All types of metal including precious metals are a popular choice. Other materials such as wood, plastic, glass and slate are all commonly used materials to engrave on.

How is engraving done?

Precious metal items can be engraved by hand using traditional methods and requiring a high level of skill and very specific tools. As well as understanding the tooling, an in depth understanding of the material and its reaction to the tool is needed. It is a respected and very specialised traditional craft.

Mechanical engraving is done by a machine that essentially cuts grooves into the material by using a drill or diamond tip cutter, coupled with modern software high levels of intricacy can be reached and it is a widely used method for not only metal but for wood and glass. This is the method that we use for our in house engraving.

Laser engraving also known as laser marking is a good for plastics, some types of hardwood, metals. On metal it leaves a lighter and more delicate engraving than a mechanical engraver would so can be suitable for very fine or small pieces.


What font can I have for my engraving and how many words can I get?

We offer 6 different fonts styles and can do up to 40 characters on the majority of our products. The choices are listed on the right. When choosing your font, think about the piece that is being engraved and what will look best. We always say keep it simple!

For engravings that are initials or dates we strongly recommend choosing one of the simpler fonts such as Garamond 3L or Roman 2L. Sometimes the Script type fonts can be very difficult to read and don’t look as clear.

In some cases, depending on the product we will not be able to fit 40 characters. If this is the case, we will contact you to advise and offer an alternative solution.

How much does engraving cost?

A standard Logo is charged at £40. Some requests will be POA.

Single Letter : £10.00

Up to 4 characters : £15.00

Up to 20 characters : £20.00

Up to 40 characters : £40.00 – We charge £1 for every additional character

How long does it take to engrave a piece?

Generally about 3 days but please allow 7 working days from the date of the order for delivery within the UK. If for some reason you needed it sooner we would ask that you call us prior to placing the order to discuss your requirements. Occasionally we will need to call you to discuss the placement of your engraving. Please leave as much detail as possible in the Notes section of the order. If we are unsure of any requirement we will contact you to discuss prior to engraving.

Can you engrave Corporate Logo’s or Family Crests?

If we can do it, we are happy to engrave virtually anything that you may need. We would require a JPEG or PDF File of the image to be emailed to us.

How to order a Logo engraving?

Unfortunately you cannot order image engravings through our online shop. Please send images to us by email.

Bespoke engraving

If you are thinking of something special that you would like engraved it’s probably best to phone us as some things can get lost in translation. Tel 0131 4453823

We will always double/triple check spellings, placement, dates etc before we engrave anything! For special commissions we normally send artwork for you to approve prior to work being carried out.

All Engraving inquiries can be sent to: