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Antique Silver

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Hayward & Stott Ltd, began in 1999 as a joint venture between close friends Charlie Stott and Jeremy Hayward.

Jeremy was a member of the Incorporation of UK Goldsmiths and enjoyed an encyclopedic knowledge of Scottish Provincial silver makers. Both, were avid collectors of silver with a keen focus on antique Victorian and Georgian tableware.

Continuing from our beginnings in Scottish Provincial Antiques, we still stock a small selection of antique silver gifts and collectibles.

Generally speaking, antique silver refers to items produced before the 1930’s. We endeavour to maintain a wide and varied range of UK-made pieces from the 17th to the 20th centuries but we also stock a smaller selection of European and American silver objects.

Scottish Provincial silver is an area in which we specialise. If you have any enquiries about the origin of an antique piece get in touch!

How to Rate Antiques?

All of our antiques have been individually selected for their quality and attractiveness. They should be free from damage or repair other than normal wear or unless specifically noted in the articles description.

Please note that at the end of the detail on each Antique we give a quality Ratio such as 10:8 – the first part in this example refers to the quality and legibility of the Hallmarks [therefore 10 out of 10] and the second part refers to the general condition of the piece [only 8 out of 10 – so generally very good but a minor flaw visible].

 Antiques: VAT Free

Antique Silver

Snuff Spoon, 1789


Antique Silver

Snuff Spoon, London 1800