The Pentland Collection

Inspired by our enchanting woodland surroundings of the Pentland Hills. Each piece within the Pentland Collection is sterling silver with a feature Gold plated acorn. On some pieces we also give the option of adding an additional acorn. The Gold reflects colour as if capturing the changing seasons.

The Pentland Regional Park encompasses a stunning range of medium-sized hills stretching from the City of Edinburgh down to Carlops. The land is upload pasture, along with a few forestry plantations.


There is evidence of prehistoric settlements with numerous sites still in existence such as the hillfort and souterrain at Castle Law and Caerketton.  The hills were most likely settled, farmed and defended in the pre-Roman and Roman era by the local Celtic people.

In Glencorse Reservoir lie the submerged ruins of the chapel of St Katherine’s in the Hope. The founding of the chapel is connected with the story of a mediaeval royal deer hunt. According to the story, King Robert the Bruce staked the Pentland Estate against the life of Sir William St Clair. The outcome of the hunt was decided by the knight and his two hounds. The dogs managed to bring down the deer, and in gratitude, and to mark the spot, Sir William had a chapel built in the glen.

To Robert Louis Stevenson the Pentland Hills were ‘The Hills of Home’. A sentiment that is shared by us at Hayward & Sott.

The Pentland Collection





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