Sterling Silver Ingot

What is a Silver Ingot?

Ingots are usually made of a precious metal cast into a size and shape such as a bar or plate. As they are characteristically a mass of precious metal, one of the main design features on an ingot pendant is the hallmark.

Each of our handmade ingots are unique, they are individually finished with a large outsize spot hallmarks that run down the front of the pendant. This hallmark is created using the traditional method with a hammer and a punch. Because of this, tiny variations may occur when the punch makes contact with the precious metal, adding character to each piece.


The Significance of a Hallmark

Every hallmark tells a story; Who made the item, What precious metal it contains, Where it was tested and hallmarked, When it was marked.

A hallmark is a mark stamped on articles of gold, silver, or platinum. It is applied to guarantee a pieces standard of purity. In Britain this standard is assessed by an assay offices. In the UK it’s necessary to mark a piece of silver that weighs over 7.78g. All of our silver pieces are tested for purity and only thereafter hallmarked by the Edinburgh Assay Office.

 A hallmark is predominantly used to certify a precious metal so it is useful to understand the markings. We have written a blog on Hallmarking Information to help you identify these marks. It is especially helpful to be able to identify the year of the piece.

When would I buy an Ingot?

As a hallmark is the main decoration on an ingot, they are a popular gift given to commemorate the years events. This includes events such as the birth of a child, a special birthday or maybe it was the year of your marriage.

Interestingly, silver ingots from 1977 were widely produced and hugely popular. As this was the year of the Queen’s Silver Jubilee a unique hallmark was created. This hallmark should include a Sponsor Mark, a Fineness Mark, An Assay Office Mark and the Date Letter C as well as an image of the young Queen in profile.

Buy our Sterling Silver Ingot

These Solid Silver bar design Ingot come in two sizes with the option of engraving on the back. They also come with a Chunky chain which has three adjustable lengths; 30”, 32” and 34”. A faultless present for a special Anniversary, Christening or Birthday — it is a beautiful keepsake.


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